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DENTAL crowns

dental crown procedure


Am I a candidate for a dental crown?

Mableton Family Dentistry is proud to offer quality dental crown procedures. A dental crown is a fitting used to cover and protect teeth that have become weak or deformed due to trauma, decay or underlying hereditary abnormalities. The procedure of a dental crown involves taking impressions of the patient’s teeth so that Dr. Mitt can fabricate the ideal fit and shape. This is followed by removing a small portion of the natural tooth structure, before finally gluing and sculpting the crown into place. As your trusted Dentist in Mableton GA, you can ensure quality care from start to finish of your dental crown process.


A porcelain dental crown is a restoration that is used to treat many different dental issues. Dr. Mitt uses porcelain crowns to repair teeth that are decayed or have become weakened after being treated with root canal therapy. They can also be used as an aesthetic solution to improve the appearance of a tooth that has been chipped or discolored. Porcelain crowns fit securely over the existing portion of the tooth and offer a natural-looking finish. They are made of a durable yet flexible ceramic material, making them much more resistant than other types of restorations. As your Dentist in Mableton GA we can help you determine if a porcelain dental crown is the right choice for you.

dental crown dentist mableton ga

Start RESTORING your SMILE today!

Dental crowns can be used for a number of reasons, cosmetic, restorative or emergency dental care. A dental crown can help protect teeth after a root canal because they seal off the weakened area around the restored tooth and prevent new decay from forming. We can assess your situation and determine if a dental crown is right for you.