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restorative dental care

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If you find yourself looking for a dental care provider that specializes in restoring aging smiles, look no more! Restorative dentistry is available to help you get your teeth looking like new and bring back any function that might have been lost due to age or damage. From simple filling and crowns/bridges to dental implants, and full mouth reconstructions, our team of experienced professionals will be there to help guide you every step of the way while restoring your smile. Whether it’s restoring damaged teeth or simply replacing a missing tooth, we strive to give each of our patients the best service possible, with a personalized treatment plan tailored to fit their individual needs. 

Dental Crown

A dental crown can help to retain the original shape of certain teeth, and also last for years when properly looked after. Therefore, if you’re looking for an efficient way to improve your oral health and gain an aesthetically pleasing smile you should endeavour to look into getting a dental crown.

Dental Bridge

Dental bridges are one of the restorative dentistry solutions used to replace missing teeth and restore a patient's smile. A dental bridge is an ideal choice for filling gaps in a patient's smile and restoring functionality with an aesthetically pleasing solution.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are an especially popular restorative option because they offer patients an option that looks and feels like their natural teeth. With proper care and maintenance, dental implants can last for many years. Schedule a consultation today.

Tooth Extraction

Mableton Family Dentistry specializes in tooth extractions, a procedure designed to relieve pain and prevent further damage. The extraction process begins with an evaluation that assesses the tooth’s condition, ensuring it is safe to remove. An X-ray may be used to ensure there are no fractured or otherwise damaged roots that must be retrieved prior to extraction.

Root Canal

This procedure enables the dentist to save a tooth that would have been too decayed or damaged to treat with anything other than extraction. In many cases, this is due to bacteria attacking the root of the tooth and causing the pulp inside to die and become infected. When this happens, the Mableton Family Dentistry team will assess your situation and take action to save your tooth.


Dentures can be full or partial, depending on how many natural teeth remain in the mouth. Today's modern materials make for comfortable, durable dentures that are indistinguishable from normal teeth in look and functionality. Schedule a consultation today!